Quality workmanship finely delivered.

Introducing more space is a beneficial way to enhance your home as opposed to a tedious relocating process. 

Visualising your extension before appointing anyone can be achieved if you carefully imagine the existing walls are pushed out to suit your new home extensions.
New proposed exterior walls are replicated in their new positions with the accommodation of new windows, doors and of course the roof covering 

The first place to look whether you have rights for a home extension is by simply checking on any neighbouring homes whether they have already carried out such works, if this is the case you have a good chance your plans will be successful too, however let’s not leave it up to chance, our recommended architects and surveyors will guide you through the initial stages and submit planning applications the correct way with a high success rate.

London Building Co are highly skilled and have extensive knowledge in Home Extensions in London.

Maintaining characteristics of your home when building an extension will keep things simple, there are allowances for unique concepts within these boundaries, for instance, building a complete glass extension to a period home will be a more of a complicated application than that of conventional brick built to match extension. Having said, that’s not to say you cannot install a large glass opening door towards the garden with a sky light on the roof, your approach is crucial and we will advise on this delicately. 

Costs and Building Process

There are many aspects that bring together a final cost, firstly we evaluate the size of the construction works and build the shell of the extension, this consists of the foundations, building the walls and fabricating a roof.
On average these costs are around £1,000 to £1,500p per metre square, depending on accessibility and the logistics of the project.

In addition to the construction costs there are other elements that complete the build such as:

  • Structural steels
  • Windows and doors
  • Plumbing and electrics
  • Internal Insulating
  • Closing walls and ceilings and plastering finishes.

We have now a closed water tight extension ready for what is known as “second fix” or finishing details some of which are listed below

  • Fitting of internal doors, architraves and skirtings
  • Installation of Bathroom and kitchens
  • Bathroom tiling and detailing
  • Floor finishes i.e. tiles, engineered floor, parquet or other
  • Décor works

Summary and approach

The process is simple, we create a schedule of works and keep within guidelines the construction strategy similar to the those listed above.

Home extension building usually takes several months or less depending on the scale of works.
In the past we have commonly used methods to isolate the construction works from the rest of your property, potentially saving you money on additional living costs.

A relevant Building control department asses our construction work as it progresses and issue a completion certificate that ensures our construction work has be completed to satisfaction, this will be accompanied with all the important certificates.
All our home extensions come fully complete with our insurance backed guarantee for 10-25 years.

We are certain that once the works are complete it will bring vast contribution to you and your home.